Young Woman with a Creative Style

This is one of the fashion drawings I’ve been doing for a period. Not because I am a big fan, but because I am not at all. Since I’ve always drawn strong fighter guys (and I still do, by the way), one day I told myself “you have to draw some girls too, because one day you’ll have to make some and that will be really shitty!”.
I have to say that to do so I needed to browse some magazines destined to women and take the inspiration and ideas from them. Because when you have never, EVER drawn women with real styles before, I can tell you that the most difficult aren’t faces or shapes, but giving them an own style. Especially if we are of the opposite sex! And is there a better source than a feminin magazine?
So, once I got inspired, I started to draw. And I will show you all the sketches I did during that period, as well as the colour versions, included the one of this young woman! Be patient 😉
(To ses the final version of this sketch, click on Coloured Version.)