Young Woman with a Creative Style – Coloured Version

This is the coloured version of last week drawing. Before keeping talking, I strongly recommend you to have a look to my previous post here on the original sketch to better understand what I will be talking about today.
So, I’ll keep explaining this drawing. With the sketch step I wanted to improve my skills in two points: first, working on a new fashion style to me and second the feminine anatomy. With the colouring step there is another important point: the coherence of colours. Well, alright, this young woman ain’t the best example! But hey! That’s her style and it is coherent in her way! That’s why, I call this drawing The Rainbow Girl, the message is clear…
And then, I had some fun with the layout, and I did a sort of triptych of three stages: sketch, coloured version, and a last version in black and white. I will show you soon other drawings with the same layout.
The colouring has been made with a graphic tablet.