Baby Dragon

As I told you last week, today I will show you another drawing style, so we pass from portraits and architecture to fantasy. Here you have this drawing made with a mechanical pencil representing a little European baby dragon. I’ve tried to illustrate this newborn as realistic as possible, without looking like a caricature or “too cute”, if you know what I mean.
BONUS: To introduce you a bit into the fantasy world (if you don’t know it already), I leave you some words below talking about the first instants of a lambda dragon: 
“When a dragon hatches out of its egg, its muscles swell up and its bones harden like steel: the size of its body doubles up to the naked eye. After this step, it opens for the first time its saurian eyes, letting see a glow full of wisdom. Once this done, the creature begins to make some guttural sounds typical from this species, and instinctively the dragon can sometimes make that characteristic gesture that it will make when it will be able to breathe fire. But, it is still too young for this, first it will be necessary to eat rocks and natural components that provide the needed elements to be able to show the world its terrible fire.”