Building in Nice

People living in Nice have certainly identified this particular building located in the heart of the city, between the old town and the famous square Place Masséna, where begins the modern city.
This drawing has been made with a black ballpoint pen and without rulers on a A5 notepad. And this time I had a new handicap. In those days I used to work as a cyclonaute, maybe you’re wondering what that is… However, anyone has seen one of these at least once if you were in the main cities of Europe and USA, like Paris, Barcelona, Denver or here, in Nice. I’m talking about people who carry passengers driving big tricycles to show them the main sites of the city in different languages. Well, one day I was waiting next to the Fontaine du Soleil (the Sun Fountain, well known for its statue of Apollo) and since nobody wanted me to carry them anywhere for a while and I had my notepad on me, I started to draw this majestic building that seems to spring from the old town and marks the transition between the modern and old architecture.
I needed to work on this sketch for many days, because we mustn’t forget that I was at work and I kept an eye on passers-by who showed interest in my services -city tours- and I had to leave often every day. But at least, the wait passed faster drawing this big edifice. I will keep talking about this drawing and the building on the next post, where you will discover the coloured version made with a graphic tablet. Don’t hesitate to leave comments or questions, I will do answer as soon as possible.
(For the final version, click on Coloured Version)