Building in Nice – Colour Version

To know how I’ve done the base of this drawing, I recommend you to check Building in Nice.
With a graphic tablet, I have used the exact same colours that this building of the city of Nice has in reality, so that might seem very flashy, but that’s the south-east of France 🙂
As promised, I will keep talking about this particular building on this post.
Below, on the left hand side you can see a restaurant terrace of which I won’t say the name to avoid any free advertise and if you look on the below right hand side you will see that the building is higher than the left side, that’s one of the aspects that I like of this architectural prowess, something that we don’t see every day!
And to finish, the shape of the edifice, that looks like it spreads from the Place Masséna (from where we have this perspective) and opens up progressively and merges by the left side to the facade that goes along the tramway lane, and by the right side, with the old town of Nice.
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