Le Louvre

This week I bring you a sketch of one of the most beautiful buildings in France, and I even dare to say in the world (and I am not French!). Obviously, that would have been impossible to draw the whole monument (the third biggest museum in the world). This detail is the North Wing of he Palace, over the rue du Rivoli.
The creation of this drawing was one of the most particular I had up to now. I usually draw buildings on the street on a notepad, with a ballpoint pen and without rulers. But… this time, when I used to live in Paris and during my lunch break, I only had a very thin paper (we cannot even call it a sheet) and my support was a kind of a soft sleeve, so I had to be extremely careful to avoid to pierce the paper with my pen.
Finally, everything went alright, nobody was hurt, and I could finish my drawing without any problems, and it remains nowadays one of my favourite creations.
If you want to see the coloured version, click on this link: The Louvre Palace in colour.