Earth Dragon

According to the legend, there are different kinds of dragons depending on their elements. They are Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning and Earth type dragons. And today I present a specimen of the Earth type.
This is how I imagine a dragon of this element: in diapause, quietly sleeping on the top of the highest mountain, barely moving and whose only goal is to protect with its life the rest of the highest mountains around it… But hardly ever there are attacks at that altitude, so this creature is sleeping almost its whole life. On the other hand, it is a species with a extremely hard skin, so don’t play fast and loose with it, and the other dragons know it, that’s why they generally respect those of Earth type.
Regarding the drawing creation, I used a graphic tablet, and I have to say that it took me a lot of time because of all those details in the rock, scales and so on. But I enjoyed that much getting it out of my head, and hope the pleasure will be the same when you see it 🙂
You can choose the style you want to see next time: architecture, manga, fantasy, portrait, … See you soon with a new drawing!