Blue-and-Yellow-haired Girl

Not very often that we see this haircut! You got it, she is drawn in a manga style, and in a under-style called Shôjo, in other words, manga destined (in theory) for girls. I’ve done this simple drawing for a client, they wanted a young girl in this style with blue and yellow hair lying in this exact position.
To create it, not only I used the Shôjo style, but I have also approached Chibi, in other words, miniature effect to have cuter characters, or as we would say in Japanese kawaii (cute).
After this little wave of Japanese vocabulary, I say to you goodbye, hoping that you like my artwork as much as I do creating them. Don’t forget that you can find me on facebook, and follow my new drawings by liking my official page and leave comments, proposals or opinions if you wish.
Enjoy your holidays for those who leave and good luck for those who stay!