Akira Hikawa has a new logo

I am proud to show you the new official logo of Akira Hikawa. I wanted to do it since a while, but with the creation of my webmanga Gods, eventual commissions and the development of my project to publish a manga (a second one), I couldn’t find any time. But here it is! And from now on you will find it wherever I am: Facebook, Tapastic, DeviantART, etc.
I want to thank all the people that support me since the beginning and also those that are following me for a little time. And I remind you that I am always open to commissions, for a logo, portrait, caricature, character design, tattoo or even a photomontage, I can do anything! Just write to me in private (on this blog, on Facebook or on DeviantART), and explain me what you want.
Next week: a realistic drawing, that can be a person, an animal, building, landscape, … you have to wait a few days to discover it 😉