My manga project

Those who know me in person know that I’m working on a project since longtime ago: a manga publication. Only a few have seen it, and so will be till its publication, because I really care about it.
If I’m telling you this now is because at the moment I am doing some changes and enhancements on this project. I already sent it a few months ago to different publishers, without success. I realised then that they deserve something better… and that I am completely able to show them this enhancement. So I hit the deck, becoming more objective than ever with my manga to see the least mistake and disproportion and correct it straight away. Anyway, the correction will be soon finished, and I wanted to mark a deadline to work more seriously on it, and this date is August 12th. Once ready, I will make some copies, and start again to send them to publishers, and then… fingers crossed! But I will not be doing just that, because I’m getting ready the releasing of my other manga’s chapter 2 Gods, that I will show you very soon, as well as the Spanish version of the first chapter (for now I have only done it in English), but I will tell you about more in detail next week…