About my webmanga ‘Gods’

A few days ago I told you very quickly about a manga I was going to show you very soon, and on this post I’m going to talk more in detail about it.

It is a webmanga (a manga published on the internet) and I called it ‘Gods‘. Above you have the cover.

Up to now, there is only one chapter in English, because I’ve started to publish it on my English art website. At the moment I’m working on the second chapter and at the same time translating it to Spanish and French (that’s the advantage of speaking many languages, no need to hire a translator for that!), so you can read my manga in the Cervantes and Molière’s tongue as well.
At first, I wanted to post one by one the pages on this blog, but I thought that it might be confusing, because as I was going to post new pages the reader would see always the newest pages, and ‘hello spoilers!’ So, since I publish my webmanga on a website only for that, I will be posting on my blog some words telling you when there are new realisings with a link going directly to the manga on that website. You will see that it is very easy to use, and if you share and like my manga ‘Gods’, you will help me to gain some notoriety on the net, and I will thank you so much for that! 🙂
I didn’t want to write this much (missed!), but anyways, if you have any questions, doubts or why not proposals, you can leave a comment on any post, fill up the contact form on my blog or write to me on my official Facebook Page.