"El Castillito"

It’s been longtime since last no-ruler architecture drawing I posted, so here’s a new one!
If you have a look to my other drawings, you will see that I have made many sketches of buildings, museums, temples, etc. and they have something in common (apart from the fact that they have been done without rulers): they have been drawn with a ballpoint pen. But I have decided to use a different tools with this one, the carré esquisse. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a kind of colour chalk stick, very close to pastel.
And the ‘building’ I chose is El Castillito, ‘the Little Castle’ in English. Officially called El Castillo de San Marcos, it is one of the main monuments of my hometown, El Puerto de Santa María. It is at the same time the first edifice from El Puerto I draw, but you will see that it will not be the last one…