Green: the Colour of Originality

Due to the releasing of the Dragon Ball Z new movie on the next April 18th in Japan, I have done this parodic drawing regarding the Akira Toriyama‘s strange choice with the new look of one of my favourite characters of the series, Gohan. Not only he has a very banal haircut, but also they considered that introducing himself with a tracksuit would be awesome… As a result, we barely recognise him and honestly that doesn’t go well with the character, knowing that at the end on the manga he chose “the way of the nerd”.

BUT MAINLY, it’s the resemblance with the Yusuke Urameshi‘s clothing (and hair) from the manga YuYu Hakusho, and to rub it in, I’ve added to the pack Rock Lee, a character from the manga Naruto ^^
That’s why I called it “Green: the Colour of Originality”, because I think that Gohan looks like a copy, and furthermore a copy of a not well elaborate character, so this time I have to say to Toriyama Sensei that I am disappointed, mostly because he is the creator of the King manga Dragon Ball! Anyways, we can forgive him for that, for those good hours we had thanks to his adventures 🙂