Torre Agbar

In the middle of my webmanga ‘Gods’ chapter 3 release in English, this week I’ve decided to post a different style of drawing. It’s been a while since the last time I posted one of my no-ruler architecture creations. The last one was a monument from my hometown, El Puerto de Santa María, and the drawing that I’m showing you today I did it during my last visit in Barcelona. My original idea was to illustrate La Sagrada Familia, but due to my short 5-days stay in the catalan capital, I opted to draw another important building in the city, a building  for which, for this time, I was ‘forced’ to not to use rulers.
I’m talking about the Torre Agbar (the Agbar Tower). Agbar stands for ‘Aguas de Barcelona’ (Waters of Barcelona), and not for a character from Star Wars…

With this drawing I challenged myself by illustrating a no-corner building with my inseparable black ballpoint pen and my sketch notebook, and this time in a few hours only, since my presence in Barcelona was far to be just for drawing, so I had to take the few time I had to do that.
Buildings at the feet of the tower were made without rulers as well, and the colouring of all the drawing with a graphic tablet.