Parisian Building – Coloured Version

Wow! It’s been exactly one month since the last time I posted something on the blog, and that’s because I have been (and still am) very busy working on an artistic project with another person and enhancing my webmanga ‘Gods when I’ve got some time… Anyway, today I’m showing you have a new drawing, which is the coloured version of the first drawing I posted on my blog more than a year ago. Here you can check the sketch version.
In this new version we can appreciate better all the details and the weird shape that this particular building in a Haussmannian style has, which I drew in the 11th district in Paris a few years ago with a ballpoint pen and without rulers. Coloured with a graphic tablet, hope you like it!
Anecdote: it is located in the same arrondissement where happened the terrorist attack of Charlie Hebdo