Ready for the Inktober

IMG_6934I have been waiting for this moment for months, and I have all the tools ready to do it. This moment is the Inktober.
I’m explaining what it is about. The word ‘inktober’ comes from ‘ink’ and ‘October’, and along the whole month of October one must draw as many drawings as possible only with ink, it can be with a pen, ballpoint pen or micro-line pen. As far as it has ink, everything is accepted!
This month I will be particularly busy, so this year it will be impossible to create 31 sketches (1 per day), but if I do some during all the month it will be enough.
I will be publishing the drawings once they are finished (and I have internet connection ^^) I hope you will follow them and that you will give your opinion.
The Inktober 2015 starts NOW!