Hypothetical cosplay of a character from my manga ‘Gods’

IMG_8068 2

I made this drawing on the train-ride back from Barcelona because I had this idea while I was at the Salón Manga de Barcelona (Manga Convention): what would a fan of my manga disguised as one of my characters look like? Well, if this fan chose Nii-Oh, I think that he would look more or less like this. I never quite understood how well fans can disguise themselves having an excellent make-up and even a good staging… but they always keep their glasses or their 3-day beard. Anyways! This weekend at the Salón Manga de Barcelona I saw some very good costumes (even those who wore glasses ;D) and I came back home very happy after being in a such a rich convention, compared to the last edition of the Salón de Jerez, about which I wrote a post complaining about its lack of manga on this link. I invite you to read it and give your opinion. And who knows? Maybe one day we will see a cosplay of Nii-Oh at the Manga Conventions 😉