New year, new webcomics!

Año Nuevo Eng

Firstly, happy new year! With flying skateboards and all that stuff… Oh, no? Well, never mind. This is my first drawing of the year, where I graphically talk about my New Year’s Evening (and no, I didn’t forget to draw a glass for my character, that’s because I don’t drink alcohol!). Plus, with this comic strip I inaugurate a new webcomic on my Tapastic website, one I have called Anecdomics (coming from “Anecdote” and “Comics”) and where, as its name says, I will show graphic anecdotes of my real life, always with a touch of humour and irony. Unlike my other comic Gods that I am already posting on the same website, this one doesn’t have a manga style, but rather, a cartoon style. I will be posting new comic strips when I have time, because I have created this strip as a “passtime”, as I am currently working on other projects that need more of my time and attention. So I hope that many of you will follow it and share it on social media. Thank you!