The Dark Knight… Falls

BvsS Blend

We all know that this week Batman vs Superman arrived in our cinemas a film as commercial as it is illogical. Even though I will go to watch it this week, I have never stopped saying that this film has an absurd argument, because, what can a rich guy without special powers do against one of the most powerful superheroes in the history of comics? Besides smearing himself with vaseline of kryptonite, I can’t find anything else; That is why I made this drawing. As we are in Easter (Semana Santa, in Spain) I paid homage to Batman by portraying him as Jesus Christ, after being defeated by the Man of Steel, which is why I named this illustration “The Dark Knight… Falls” but we can also call it “The Pace of the Holy Beating” or “Batman vs Superman: 1001 ways to kill a bat“.

Although I doubt that the argument of this film will pleasently surprise me, I am sure that there will be many good fight scenes, so it will be worth watching at the cinema and it is because if this that I have to say I really want to watch it. And, who knows? Maybe after watching it I will change my mind and make a version of this drawing where we will see Superman on Batman’s back ­čśë