A fofucha doll of Nii-Oh from ‘Gods’!

IMG_0580 - SmallThe first doll of Nii-Oh ever made! Courtesy of Geles Fofuchas, a real pro! If you want a personalised fofucha of yourselves or of any character, I recommend her facebook.com/gelesfofuchas.

It’s funny to see one of the characters of my webmanga ‘Gods’ physically, now I want to have the rest of the main characters… ­čśÇ

With this doll of Nii-Oh, I want to announce that the story of Gods will keep going very soon. If you are a follower, I thank you that you are still there, and if you don’t know it yet, you can read it for free here: tapastic.com/series/Gods

I will be giving you some news about it on here and on my facebook page.

Spread the word… ­čśë