Akira Hikawa at the Comic Con (Barcelona)

Presentación DH previewAs is becoming the custom, I will be at the Comic Con (Salón Manga) of Barcelona from Nov. 1st to 5th at the stand of  Dibuhunters with my other partners Spiny21, Joan and Miss Mess. For this edition, Spiny21, Samu and I bring you a fanzine with almost 100 pages full of humour, adventures and a lot of cameos (see cover of the fanzine on the video or image of this post).

Besides, this year we have two stands – on the other one will be Joan and Miss Mess who will bring a special of Dibuhunters about your favourite characters in a cat-like form. Of course, there will be also merchandising of the most popular today’s characters and of all times – Deadpool, Card Captor Sakura; Kaneki, Saitama, Doraemon…

It will be a pleasure to see you there!