I survived the Comic Con!

IMG_20171106_173757_822The Salón Manga (Comic Con) ended yesterday and I want to thank you all that came along the stand of Dibuhunters and for your interest and conversations, 23031578_2070262879877223_7561633349682594568_nthanks to them I spend these days in a better way!

It has been a week full of old and new friends and those are the things that make you come back every year. For those of you who met me at the Convention and wish to keep in touch with me, you can leave me a message on the social media (facebook, instagram or twitter) or on this web, so that I will know who you are. I will be glad to keep knowing you better!

If you want some more merchandising or you don’t have your fanzine #04 of Dibuhunters, you can find me very soon in a Balearic event, stay tuned…