What you didn’t know about Easter Bunny


We all know the famous Easter Bunny that gives coloured eggs to everyone wherever it goes – nothing more natural -, but what occidental people don’t usually know is that in Australia, that little harmless animal is considered a pest, since, unfortunately as many times happened in the past with a lot of species, it was introduced more than 200 years ago in the nation of the koala, and it only did ravages everywhere.

It would be ridiculous that the character who brings sweetness and joy on the other side of the world was a rabbit, wouldn’t it? For this reason, the animal for this task is a bilby, or commonly known as a bandicoot. As you can see in the illustration I created for this occasion, a bilby is a kind of huge marsupial mouse. But cuter. And endangered. This is why I wanted to give hommage to this little creature with a true Easter Egg – a contest!

Rules are simple:

1. Subscribe to my youtube channel.

2. When you are done, leave in the comments of any of my videos in the channel a sentence with the name of an Australian animal in it – that will be your Easter Egg! 😉

3. Eat a chocolate.

The winner will be the one who gets more likes on their comment. If there is a tie, the winner will be chosen randomly. The prize is a customised drawing starring a bilby. You choose!

The contest starts at the very moment when this post is created and ends on April 2nd 2018. Good luck, and…

Happy Easter to EGGverybody!