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Inktober: Sketch No. 7

Drawing done during my 92nd flight.

Inktober: Sketch No. 6

Drawing of one of the little animals I used to see on Martinique.

Inktober: Sketch No. 5

And 5 drawings in 5 days! Come on, let’s keep the rhythm!

Inktober: Sketch No. 4

Bolinus brandaris. Or like people from Cádiz call it…

Inktober: Sketch No. 3

Ferocactus alamosanus

Inktober: Sketch No. 2

Batocera victoriana

Inktober: Sketch No. 1

My first sketch for the Inktoberfest 2015

Ready for the Inktober

Inktoberfest begins… 31 days of ink!

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Graphic memento of my trip to Colorado, in USA.

Portrait of a Hungarian girl

Realistic drawing of a Hungarian girl. I wonder from which country will be the protagonist of my next portrait…

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    1. Subscribe to my youtube channel. 2. When you are done, leave in the comments of any of my videos in the channel a sentence with the name of an Australian animal in it. The winner will be the one who gets more likes on their comment. If there is a tie, the winner will be chosen randomly. The prize is a customised drawing starring a bilby.
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