Saint Deadpoolentine

That’s what happens when you fall in love!

Not everything is on the internet

Disney bought Google rights?

New year, new webcomics!

Anecdomics, my new webcomics.

Merry Xmas!

From Ishi-Oh, Nii-Oh, Zan-Oh and me, Akira Hikawa: Merry Xmas!

Cosplay of my character Nii-Oh

This is how it looks a cosplay from my character from ‘Gods’

I’m beginning to worry about my friend…

Consequencies of studying to get the ‘DECA’

My Inktober 2015 Collage

No-ruler architecture, manga, animals, portraits, … My 21 drawings done during October.

Hypothetical cosplay of a character from my manga ‘Gods’

I made this drawing on the train-ride back from Barcelona because I had this idea while I was at the Salón Manga de Barcelona (Manga Convention): what would a fan of my manga… Continue reading

Inktober: Sketch No. 21

Last sketch made with ink for the challenge of October.

Inktober: Sketch No. 20

Old lamp in a bar from Barcelona.