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Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Graphic memento of my trip to Colorado, in USA.

Torre Agbar

My last no-ruler architecture drawing in a Spanish city. Do you guess which one?

Iglesia Mayor Prioral, El Puerto de Santa Maria

Visit El Puerto de Santa Maria from home.

"El Castillito"

I usually draw buildings without any ruler and with a ballpoint pen, but I’ve done this one for the first time with carrés esquisse. Homage to my hometown.

Temple in Chiang Mai – Coloured Version

Coloured drawing of a splendid temple in Chiang Mai.

Le Louvre en couleur

Drawing of the Louvre Palace made without rulers and with a ballpoint pen. Coloured with a graphic tablet.

Le Louvre

The magnificent Louvre Palace made with a ballpoint pen and without rulers.

Building in Nice – Colour Version

Drawing of a particular building in Nice…

Building in Nice

Discover the achitecture of Nice originality, in the south-east of France.

Le Sénat de Paris – Coloured Version

One of Paris jewels.

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