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Inktober 2017 #09

This one comes directly from Scaturigo

A fofucha doll of Nii-Oh from ‘Gods’!

Doll of one of the characters from my manga ‘Gods’

Merry Xmas!

From Ishi-Oh, Nii-Oh, Zan-Oh and me, Akira Hikawa: Merry Xmas!

Cosplay of my character Nii-Oh

This is how it looks a cosplay from my character from ‘Gods’

Hypothetical cosplay of a character from my manga ‘Gods’

I made this drawing on the train-ride back from Barcelona because I had this idea while I was at the Salón Manga de Barcelona (Manga Convention): what would a fan of my manga… Continue reading

Torre Agbar

My last no-ruler architecture drawing in a Spanish city. Do you guess which one?

My webmanga ‘Gods’ moves out!

About my webmanga ‘Gods’…

Chapter 2 of Gods now in French!

Discover my manga ‘Gods’, now on an easier-to-use website!

About my webmanga ‘Gods’

Here’s an introduction before you can read the manga ‘Gods’ in English and Spanish.

My manga project

I want to talk to you about my manga project that just a few have seen it yet…

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