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My Inktober 2015 Collage

No-ruler architecture, manga, animals, portraits, … My 21 drawings done during October.

Inktober: Sketch No. 21

Last sketch made with ink for the challenge of October.

Inktober: Sketch No. 20

Old lamp in a bar from Barcelona.

Inktober: Sketch No. 19

Drawing for the Inktoberfest from Barcelona.

Inktober: Sketch No. 18

Character from one of my mangas.

Inktober: Sketch No. 17

Selfportrait made with a ballpoint pen.

Inktober: Sketch No. 16

Irony is in the air.

Inktober: Sketch No. 15

One of my passions: dinosaurs.

Inktober: Sketch No. 14

Her eyes.

Inktober: Sketch No. 13

Do you know what it is?

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