Homage to my uncle Joselito

It’s been exactly one year since a beautiful person left us. I am talking about my uncle Joselito. I made this drawing last year, and I post it today to pay homage to him and because his loss has been very unexpected and painful. Unexpected, because it was a simple accident, and because that day I was thinking about anything except about losing a member of my family; and painful, because of the loss itself, obviously, but also because I couldn’t be there with my people, I have suffered the news remotely, without any person from my native country that has ever known him to understand my pain and actually without realising what happened for real, since I couldn’t notice his loss, given that, because of distance, I couldn’t notice his presence when he was still there…
That’s a negative point of living in a different country from that one where the rest of your family is: if a member passes away, you are the most helpless person in the world, for you cannot even be there to say goodbye.
So my way to say it to you, Joselito, was doing this portrait of you, and one year later I have written these words to say goodbye once again, and even if I don’ t pay homage to you in the future again, you will be in my memories, and since while you were there, unfortunately I wasn’t able to see it, today I have the impression that you never left.
Your nephew.