Where there’s life, there’s hope.
That’s what we say in situations where we feel lost, when our goal gets away more and more till it disappears.
But fortunately human nature prevents us to quit, even when the defeat or loss seem obvious… But we keep believing.
And sometimes, destiny gives us a chance, and when it seems impossible to reach our goals, life smiles to us again and everything changes radically. And in these situations some people thank God, others destiny or luck, but deep inside us, we thank for having believed in ourselves till the end, because if we wouldn’t, perhaps we wouldn’t have fought that much and could’t get till the end of the tunnel and see the light.
As you can see, I’ve done this drawing with a graphic tablet. The image is quite clear: a breathless man lost in a vast desert who is about discovering a rich oasis. Of course, this is not the end of his odyssey, but that’s a good break on his journey!
I hope you like it, and see you next week!