Temple in Chiang Mai – Coloured Version

Here is the digitally coloured version of my sketch made with a ballpoint pen and without rulers. If you want to see the original version, click on this link.
In this version we have a better effect of depth and of course we can see all the details easier.
I didn’t want to leave Thailand before drawing a jewel of this country. It could be a statue, landscape, animal or construction. And from all these candidates, the most complicated is without any doubt a temple, but that’s certainly not going to avoid me to draw it, quite the opposite! Those who know me well know that I love challenges, and I had to do it to improve my skills and surpass myself.
So, I think that the result is not that bad knowing that it is the first Asian construction that I draw, and I intend to do some others in the future, and knowing how I am, they will be even more complicated…